Types of Canned Salmon

The Three Most Popular Types of Canned Salmon

Salmon is a very popular food fish that is sought after throughout the world.  There are many benefits to eating salmon, especially wild salmon, as it provides numerous health benefits by being high in protein, low in calories and high in omega 3 fatty acids.  There are many different types of salmon that can be purchased including whole fresh wild salmon, frozen salmon, smoked salmon, raw (sushi salmon) and canned salmon.  Canned salmon is gaining popularity due to its easy preparation, rich flavors and significant health benefits.  Although canned farmed salmon can be bought it is usually wild canned salmon that is available.  The three most popular types of wild canned salmon to buy are listed below:

Canned Sockeye Salmon

Sockeye SalmonThe sockeye salmon has a vibrant red-orange meat and deep rich flavor that is highly suitable for canning. It is one of the most expensive types of canned salmon but it also the most popular.  Many consumers prefer wild canned sockeye salmon due to its intense flavor, firm texture and high oil concentration.  It is also high in calcium and minerals and needs little preparation. Buy Wild Canned Sockeye Salmon.

Canned Coho Salmon

Coho SalmonThe coho salmon has a flesh that is slightly less firm, red and tangy than a sockeye salmon.  However, many people prefer the flavor distinction of the coho salmon making it a very popular canned salmon choice.  It is commonly labeled as ‘medium red,’ and typically retains its color even when cooked.

Canned Pink Salmon

Pink SalmonOver 80% of this variety’s catch is allocated for canning and so it is probable that the canned salmon you see displayed in your grocery store will be canned pink salmon. The fish is literally called the Pink Salmon because of the color of its flesh, merited from the fish’s diet of krill and shrimp. Everything about the fish is delicate—the mild taste and its lightly blushed flesh color.  Pink salmon is less expensive than the other types of canned salmon and is great for use in salmon recipes that require mixing with other foods. Buy Wild Canned Pink Salmon.