Salmon Sustainability

Salmon Sustainability & the Canned Salmon Industry

We all benefit from having healthy and strong salmon stocks.  Without a strong salmon population the entire ecosystem suffers, including all the fish and animals that depend on wild salmon for their diet to the salmon fishing families that depend on reliable salmon returns for their economic well being.   Sustainable Salmon means a lot more than just increased regulations for salmon fishing.  It means having a clean environment in both the oceans and rivers, ensuring our coastlines are well maintained and keeping a check on ocean pollution.  In this section we explore some of the most important aspects of salmon sustainability which include:

Salmon Life Cycle: the incredible life cycle of Salmon that covers both the open ocean and the wild inland rivers.

Salmon fishing methods: Salmon can be caught using many different methods and some are more sustainable than others.

Farmed Salmon Compared to Wild Salmon:  the differences between wild salmon and farmed salmon and what type is used in canned salmon.

West Coast Salmon: the west coast provides abundant commercial salmon fishing and salmon canneries and the North West Coast is MSC certified and thought to employ sustainable practices.