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A collection of delicious salmon recipes and recipes that use sustainable canned salmon.


Salmon Curry Recipe

Sri Lankan Salmon Curry Sri Lankan food might not be as famous as other Asian cuisines, but it doesn’t fall short to please the taste buds when it comes to flavor. Seafood being a forte, Sri Lankans know the right way to bring out the best in fish and make it taste divine. So if […]


Salmon Burger Recipe

Fresh fish lovers might frown over canned salmon but the latter can be really handy if you are cooking on a budget. While fresh salmon can scorch a deep hole in your pocket, canned salmon comes at a much more reasonable price. Yet it is full of flavors and is an effective way to incorporate […]

Salmon Salad Fajitas

Recipe for Salmon Salad Fajitas (wraps or tortilla) A fun and unique way to eat a great tasting healthy meal this simple salmon salad recipe combines a host of flavors with fun preparation. Recipe Ingredients: 1 can wild salmon (drained) 2 tbsp mayonnaise ¼ cup plain yogurt ¼ tsp chili powder 1 grated carrot 1 […]

Salmon Salad

A Fast and Delicious Salmon Salad Salmon salad is a delicious quick and easy healthy meal.  While many of us typically eat tuna salad this recipe switches the tuna for wild canned salmon and adds a little flare to lunch.  For a lower fat version change the mayo and yogurt to a low-fat variety.  This […]