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Current news and events that relate to the salmon industry, canned salmon, and sustainable salmon.

Wild Salmon Mortality and Sea Lice Study

A new study is out claiming that sea lice infestations from fish farms in British Columbia have a negative effect on wild salmon populations.  This study contradicts a previous study that claims sea lice from fish farming did not have much impact on wild salmon.  Read the full story here at

GM salmon may be able to breed in wild

An interesting salmon study on the breeding capabilities of genetically modified salmon was just released.  The study claims that it may be possible for GM salmon to breed in the wild.  If interbreeding occurs between GM salmon and wild salmon there could be numerous effects that are currently unknown.  It would also compromise the ability […]

International IPSO Workshop conclusions are grim

An international IPSO workshop released the results from their conference and the findings are not positive.  The workshop included top notch international scientists and members from other inter-disciplinary fields with a point to look at the cumulative effects of ocean stressors.  This included such marine stressors as fish depletion, ocean warming and acidification among others. […]


Seafood Sustainability Grocery Store Rankings

Greenpeace put out two reports that rank the large supermarkets chains in the U.S. and Canada by their progress on implementing seafood sustainability policies.  Some of the factors that can affect their sustainability ranking includes avoiding seafood and fish from threatened fisheries, properly labeling their seafood including canned salmon products and implementing sustainable procurement policies. […]

Ozernaya River Sockeye Fishery Entering MSC Assessment

Another Russian fishery is entering the full Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) assessment process.  This time it is for the Ozernaya River Sockeye Salmon fishery and involves two Russian fishing companies: Vityaz-Avto Co, Ltd and Delta Co, Ltd. For more information about the Ozernaya River Sockeye Salmon fishery and the MSC assessment process click here.