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Canned Salmon Reviews

With so many different brands of canned seafood available at the grocery store, how do we choose a brand of canned salmon that is not only delicious and healthy, but sustainably caught and processed?

Well, we at have done some digging and put together a couple links to compare some of the most popular brands of canned salmon on the market. We hope it helps you make a more informed decision when you’re ready to order your next package of canned salmon.

Compare Canned Salmon Brands

Equa Wild Sockeye Salmon (1)

Equa Seafoods Wild Sockeye Salmon

Equa Seafoods sources their wild sockeye salmon from the Pacific Northwest Coast of Alaska and British Columbia.  High in omega 3’s and protein their seafood is sourced from certified sustainable fisheries. Read Reviews

Raincoast Trading Wild Sockeye Salmon

Raincoast Trading catches salmon in their natural environment using species-specific, selective harvesting techniques. To preserve the natural flavor of the fish, Raincoast Trading’s salmon are kept in their natural state once caught. Read Reviews

 Wild Planet – Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon

This salmon is harvested by commercial fishing families and extreme care is given to the quality of each fish from the time it is caught and through the process of canning and distribution. This canned Wild Sockeye Salmon contains 2,625mg EPA/DHA Omega 3 per can. Read Reviews