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Information about Salmon and the Canned Salmon Industry

Fresh salmon and canned salmon has become a favorite seafood choice for much of the world.  One reason is that eating Salmon has all sorts of health benefits as it is high in essential oils and protein and low in fat and calories.  An added benefit to eating canned salmon is that it is usually wild salmon rather than farmed salmon.  While there are many tasty ways to eat salmon, such as smoked salmon, sushi and baked salmon, this website is focused on canned salmon.

Canned Salmon Information

Salmon has one of the most interesting life cycles of any fish as salmon habitat changes from freshwater rivers to the deep ocean.  Unfortunately this means that salmon stocks can be threatened in many ways from river degradation to overfishing to ocean pollution.  Maintaining the long term health and viability of the salmon fishing industry is important for many social, environmental and economic reasons and knowing where your salmon comes from and whether it is part of a sustainable salmon fishery is a question many consumers should ask.  We hope this website will answer many of your questions about canned salmon including:

So hopefully next time you buy canned salmon online or at a grocery store you will understand what the term farmed salmon means, the nutritional benefits of salmon and whether it is from a sustainable fishery.

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